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How does the Sensoria Sports Bra work?

The Sensoria Sports Bra comes with embedded textile sensors. When combined with a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) it provides accurate heart rate data without the discomfort of wearing a strap. Each one of our sports bras are designed and made in Italy. It provides multiple breathing zones so that you are both protected and comfortable during your fitness routine. It can be paired with the Sensoria heart rate monitor and other leading brand products such as Polar H7 and Garmin Premium. For better results, we suggest that you follow these easy steps:

  • Wet the golden textile electrodes, located on the internal side of the bra.
  • Wear the Sensoria Sports Bra.
  • Snap the Sensoria HRM or your favorite device (Polar H7 and Garmin Premium) to the garment’s lower breastbone position.
  • Turn Bluetooth on and pair the Heart Rate Monitor device with the Sensoria app or your favorite Heart Rate Monitor apps.
  • Enjoy your workout!

How is the Sensoria Sports bra different from Heart Rate Monitor straps?

HRM straps are quite uncomfortable for women. They need to be placed under your sports bra and can sometimes be itchy and unfashionable. The Sensoria textile electrodes are embedded in the garment, allowing you to stop worrying about the strap moving from the correct position and just focus on your workout.

What devices and applications are compatible with the Sensoria Sports Bra?

The Sensoria Sports Bra is compatible not just with the Sensoria technology, but also with Polar H7 and Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitors. Sensoria heart rate monitors can be paired with the Sensoria Fitness App and the top sports/fitness apps, including Strava, Runtastic, MapMyRun, Endomondo, Runkeeper, PolarBeat, and RunMeter. The Sensoria HRM works with any Bluetooth® Smart Ready smartphone and mobile devices; including iPhone, Android, and Windows phones. Check if your device is Bluetooth® Smart Ready.

What is the return policy?

At Sensoria, we strive to make our customers happy with all aspects of our products and services. We understand that sometimes people change their mind. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, we are happy to provide you with a refund or exchange. To learn more please visit our Returns, Exchanges and Warranty page.

How long does the Sensoria HRM battery last?

Depending on usage, the disposable battery usually lasts about 8 months; giving you the opportunity to work-out at any moment without worrying about your Heart Rate Monitor device being discharged.

Which size should I select?

Selecting the right fit for you is very important… not just to be comfortable, but also to be able to collect accurate data from a perfect workout session. Remember that the Sensoria garment needs to be snug and the golden textile electrodes need to be wet and in contact with your skin! To find the right size for you, please consult our Bra size chart.

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