Finally. An Accurate Activity Tracker.

No matter how fast or slow you walk.

Personalized Activity Tracking

Set incremental goals to speed up recovery

Sensoria Walk allows you to track your steps, time and distance on a daily basis. You set independent goals on each metric you want to track and monitor your progress.

A 2013 research study published by the Mayo Clinic found a direct correlation between activity and faster recovery time.


Receive Accurate Results

More accurate than any wrist worn device for limited mobility individuals

Sensoria Walk delivers more accurate and actionable data for patients to track and evaluate their rehabilitation progress.

Sensoria Walk features an intuitive interface that highlights a user’s progress history, goals, total activity time and other detailed analytics.


Improving People's Lives

Helps monitor activity in patients suffering from neurological diseases

David G. Armstrong, DPM, MD, PhD; Professor of Surgery and Director, University of Arizona College of Medicine: “For people going through rehab or those suffering from movement limitations, Sensoria smart socks is a major step toward the answer. You can now work with your patient to set goals in terms of time, steps or distance and they will be ready to go. This is true for "prehabilitation" before surgery or for postoperative care. This appears to be true if they use a walker, have a short stride or walk very slowly. These devices, leveraged with other wearables, allow us to get closer to dosing activity as accurately and effectively as we might have once dosed a drug.”


Socks + App: Perfectly Paired to Provide Results

Three Simple Steps to a Healthier You

Sensoria’s textile pressure sensor technology is infused directly in its smart socks which connect via a Bluetooth enabled anklet. Sensoria Walk is now available for iOS download in the App Store.


Phone. Meet Sock.

Sensoria Walk makes your smart socks that much smarter.

Step 1

Download the Sensoria Walk app to your iPhone.

Step 2

Wear the smart socks and wirelessly connect your iPhone via Bluetooth.

Step 3

Go for a stroll and let Sensoria Walk and the smart socks do the rest.

Start rehab the way you deserve.

“Sensoria will open the pathway for advancement in numerous clinical fields, such as rehabilitation medicine, fall prevention in geriatrics, and precision therapy for neurologic conditions like Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis.“ Dr. Justin Schram, MD, MSc.