Smart Socks, Powerful Electronics

Your Personal Running Coach

Wear your favorite Sensoria® smart garments, go for a run, and listen to your favorite music. The Sensoria® Fitness companion app gathers data from our sensors and provides real-time, easy to use stats and actionable information about how far, how fast and how well you run. Each Sensoria® product comes with infused textile sensors. The app will gather data wirelessly from your Sensoria® Fitness garments (t-shirt, sports bra and socks) and presents you with your own actionable data to improve running form.

Your Fitness Hub

Connect multiple Sensoria® garments and BT Smart enabled devices to the Sensoria® Fitness app. Heart rate monitoring, foot landing technique, cadence, and more… all in a user friendly interface.

Monitor your Running Form

Are you off cadence or landing on your heels? Thanks to our proprietary e-textile sensors Sensoria® Fitness detects where your foot lands on the ground and provides you with audio cues in real-time.

Activity Type and Level

No more approximate step counters and vague calorie counts. With Sensoria®, you are finally able to accurately measure your activity: count steps, track cadence, distance, GPS track, ascent/descent, pace, calories burnt and much more.

Your coach, always beside you

Simply wear and connect your favorite Sensoria® garments from within the app. Sensoria® will provide you with audio cues to improve your running form, cheer you up, push you to reach your goals, in real-time, when you need it, and after your run, to keep you motivated.

All-You-Can-Eat, Actionable Data

Your Sensoria® Dashboard will provide you with intuitive analytics, customizable graphs, will allow you to have a holistic view of your training history, compare yourself with your best self and share it with your Facebook friends, running buddy or a trainer.

Wearable. Fitness. Unleashed.

Smart Garments

The Sensoria® T-shirts, Sports Bras and Socks are made with you and your workout routine in mind. Each one of them is designed and Made in Italy. They're cool and high quality.

Sensoria® Fitness Socks sensors precisely track activity, measure cadence, detect foot landing technique, pick-up center of balance information to help you improve running form.

Each Sensoria® Fitness product is infused with textile sensors that gather heart rate, force and pressure data. They are comfortable, washable, and!

Powerful Electronics

Leverage our own or your favorite heart rate monitor. The Sensoria® T-shirt and Sports Bra replace your heart rate monitor’s strap. Simply snap a Polar™ or Garmin™ to your Sensoria® garment and go!

Sensoria® Fitness Socks come with their own electronics that conforms and adapts to your ankle size. The electronics communicate biometric data in real-time to the Sensoria® app, allowing you to track the effectiveness of your workout, literally one step at a time.

Connected Experience

Sensoria® garments and electronics deliver data to you in near-real time. Our Sensoria® app brings all the data together and converts it into personal and actionable information.

Thanks to Bluetooth Smart, you can seamlessly connect multiple garments to the app running on your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone. The Sensoria® experience provides you with an heart rate, foot landing technique, cadence metronome, and a lot more… All in one screen. Powerful and easy to use.

Finally a Comfortable Strapless Heart Monitor

Fitness is hard enough without having to wear uncomfortable heart rate monitoring straps!

Meet Sensoria® Sports Bra and Sensoria® Fitness T-shirt. Comfortable, designed and Made in Italy.

They are built on the idea that each and every one of us leads a different workout, lifestyle, and approach to fitness. With soft textile electrodes infused in washable garments, you can control your heart rate and progress in comfort and style.

Monitor your performance by eliminating chest straps. Forever.

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