Run Far. Run Fast. Run Healthy.™

The Problem

At Sensoria we estimate that there are at least 120 million active runners in the world, and according to the most recent statistics 65% to 80% of all of them get injured at least once a year.

In no other human activity there are so many people involved and so many of them get hurt year after year!

This is the reason why we invented Sensoria Core and Sensoria Sock 2.0.

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Artificial Intelligence

We all want to run faster further happier and longer in our lives.

However, until now, there was no real-time tool that allowed us to improve running form.

Hiring a personal coach is an option for some but it is expensive and not very practical if you're traveling or if you have limited economic resources and time.

We have engineered a virtual coach that can help you improve running form and foot landing technique.

The Solution

We have created a truly wearable system comprised of new microelectronics, software, and a sensor infused smart sock that allows you to measure how far and how fast you run with extreme precision.

You can select your next pair of shoes by its performance. Do you run faster with these shoes? Are you off cadence with these shoes? Do you run farther? Do you heel strike with these shoes? Sensoria will let you know.

You can decide to share your data with your friends, coach or even the brand of shoes you love.

Virtual Shoe Closet

We have also added new training plans and features that allow you to improve your running form such as cadence, time on the ground and foot landing technique. On top of that for the first time ever you can also keep track of how many miles you have run with each pair of shoes you own by simply wearing a smart sock.

You are now able to see when you need new shoes by monitoring your own Impact Score for each pair of shoes that you own to help you reduce risk of injury.

We call this feature Virtual Shoe Closet. The Sensoria Run 2.0 mobile app allows you to compare multiple metrics among over 8,000 models of running shoes.

Internet of Me

For many years shoe manufacturers have worked hard on leveraging better materials, better design, better comfort, and better user experience.

However access to real-life performance data from runners has been limited. They have been constrained within their labs.

It is true that many interesting and yet small research studies have been conducted on running and injuries. However no research is considered conclusive.

Partner With Us

Last year, we introduced a Natural Running transition smart shoe in partnership with VIVOBAREFOOT. Here is the fully functional prototype that we presented at CES. Contact us if you are interested in pursuing a similar smart garment / footwear collaboration.