Sensoria for Healthcare

Sensoria believes that impactful change can be made through technology in intuitive ways. We have developed a technology platform comprising novel textile sensors, innovative electronics, mobile application with real-time alerting capabilities and a robust cloud infrastructure for data analysis.

The Sensoria sensors are skin safe and have been tested against multiple pH ranges. They are less than 1 mm in thickness, providing flexibility in form factor for a wide range of clinical applications.

Diabetic Foot Complications
Fall Detection and Prevention
Diabetic Foot Complications

Current estimates indicate there are approximately 350 million diabetics in the world, with over 15 million developing diabetic foot ulcers (DFU), which is the most common cause of amputations.

The primary treatment of DFU is “Mechanical Off-loading”. However, research indicates that patient adherence to off-loading is limited and treatment failure is the norm. This may likely be due to inadequate utilization and adherence to mechanical off-loading. Moreover, verification of mechanical off-loading is currently limited to clinical settings using in-shoe plantar pressure analysis. However, once patients are away from the clinic, there has been no adequate way to provide ongoing monitoring of plantar pressure.

Sensoria’s textile sensor technology, along with real-time alerting capabilities, can potentially be applied as treatment of surgical or other plantar ulcer/ legions within acute care, primary prevention and secondary prevention scenarios.

Fall Detection and Prevention

Whereas an accelerometer alone may yield false positives when a device is forgotten or dropped by the patient, the combination of accelerometer with plantar pressure readings will reduce false positives, yield more reliable fall detections and reduce the costs of unnecessary care escalation or ambulance dispatch.

In terms of prevention, we endeavor to reduce the burden of falls through targeted early alerts to encourage a change in behavior, such as use of a walker, or care escalation, such as visiting a physical therapist.


Researchers have proven the importance of Gait monitoring for many disease states, from Parkinson’s to Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s. They have also found a strong association between the severity of age-related white matter changes and the severity of Gait and motor compromise. Physical activity might have the potential to reduce the risk of limitations in mobility.



Sensoria will enable a range of rehabilitation services to be delivered at home. For example, functional capacity and mobility tests – traditionally restricted to the clinic setting – could be tracked and recorded in the community setting to monitor recovery, track therapy response, and predict hospitalization risk. To begin, Sensoria could provide live guidance to ensure accurate performance of current standard tests.   In the future algorithms could be developed to passively track physical function and mobility, thereby replacing clinical proxies with actual “real-life” data.  The monitoring functionality could also be paired with therapeutic modules to create a home-based rehabilitation program.


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Sensoria for Enterprise

Sensoria has a vision that The Garment Is The Computer®.  The company designs, develops and produces body-sensing smart garments as truly wearable devices that make meaningful impact.  The Sensoria Fitness smart sock is equipped with our 100% textile sensors attach and detach to our microelectroics. The sensors measure plantar pressure and force, and the connected Core can wirelessly transmit the data to everything from a mobile device to a cloud based HIPAA compliant repository system for analytics and behavioral feedback.

Our proprietary e-textile sensors, electronic devices and expertise in signal processing, software and cloud infrastructure enable apparel to become valuable devices for a variety of scenarios in fitness, health and beyond.  We are interested in partnering with other organizations to leverage this powerful platform and develop solutions for different industries.  Contact us today and discuss your scenario.

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Sensoria for Research

Sensoria’s technology platform and smart garments provide continuous monitoring and real-time alerting capabilities that can be applied to multiple clinical research and sports medicine scenarios.  We aspire to help patients & caregivers by providing systems and services that enable monitoring of patients remotely, reduce costs and readmissions, and provide improved quality care.  Similarly, athletes can perform activities that resemble real-life scenarios more closely while working with trainers and therapists.

For the first time, patients and athletes can benefit from an intuitive system with the potential for enabling observations in natural surroundings, away from the laboratory setting.


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