Unleash a new sensor platform


Unleash a new sensor platform

Based on the vision that The Garment Is The Computer®, Sensoria aims to introduce technology with meaningful impact through natural and intuitive ways. Sensoria has developed a platform comprising proprietary textile sensors, electronics, mobile application and cloud infrastructure for the development of smart garment solutions. For non-commercial and academic use of the Sensoria Development Kit (SDK), click on the button below to place your order through the Sensoria online store.

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For partners interested in utilizing the SDK for commercial purpose, please contact the Sensoria team. Sensoria offers customizable technology components that enable rapid prototyping. Sensoria works with partners to leverage our platform and quickly develop proof of concepts.

Rich set of components for your development

The Sensoria Developer Kit enables you to rapidly build solutions that leverage the Sensoria technology platform. The SDK consists of:

Sensoria's family of textile sensors, including the pressure sensors embedded in the Sensoria smart socks;

Electronics: Heart rate monitor and Sensoria Core that connect to the sensors in the smart garments;

Software: API libraries, code samples and developer tools necessary to build, test and debug new solutions based on the Sensoria smart textile technology platform;

Cloud: a robust and scalable infrastructure with a rich set of Web services

Integrate Sensoria Data

Electronics in the Sensoria Developer Kit allow developers and researchers to quickly integrate gait and body activity data provided by Sensoria sensors, garments and devices into third party products and experiences. The Developer Kit includes libraries that provide gait and movement data from the Sensoria smart fitness socks and Core, and heart rate data from the Sensoria Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) and other popular HRMs based on the Bluetooth LE wireless protocol. The Sensoria smart fitness t-shirt and sports bra contain comfortable textile electrodes to detect heart rate that work with the Sensoria HRM and other supported HRMs.

Sensoria Core

Now available, the new Sensoria Core electronics module will be the latest addition to the Sensoria technology platform. Sensoria Core features best of breed, ultra-low power SoC, storage, the ability to connect to multiple footwear and garment embedded sensors and also boasts a 9-axis MEMS sensor. This new embeddable technology will accelerate the integration of a broad spectrum of sensors with footwear and apparel products.

Choose your scenario

Sensoria textile pressure sensors and technology platform have a wide range of potential applications beyond running. This includes sports activities such as golf, soccer, cycling and skiing. In addition to fitness, the technology also has relevance to a number of clinical scenarios. Visit the healthcare page for more details.

Downloadable Content

The Developer Kit includes downloadable content to help setup a development environment

I already have my kit

Sensoria Fitness Development Dashboard (Windows)

The Dashboard is a rapid data capture and signal processing tool that connects to the Sensoria smart fitness socks, Sensoria Core and supported HRMs. The tool also includes templates to easily analyze gait, activity types and other parameters.

Multi-Platform Libraries, Samples and More

The Sensoria Developer Kit includes API libraries, code samples and documentation for Windows, iOS / OS X and Android for connectivity and data acquisition from the smart socks, Core and HRM, providing signal processing capabilities and user interface controls. The Sensoria Developer Kit also includes REST API samples for connecting third party applications and services to the Sensoria Web API.