Impact Score

Impact Score is a unique feature of Sensoria. It is a quantitative relative measure, on a scale from 1 to 10, driven by the impact forces generated when your foot hits the ground while your run. In order to reduce likelihood of injury, you want to keep your impact score as low as possible. Depending on the running technique and shoes that you're wearing there are different ways to reduce impact forces. Sensoria Impact Score helps you make sure that you're on the right path.

Foot Landing

Sensoria is able to provide you with real-time feedback on forefoot landing vs heel. Debate still exists between heel striking vs landing on the ball of your feet. The most important aspect is to reduce impact forces and have your feet land as close to your body as possible for a given pace. This will allow you to shorten your stride and increase your cadence. If you are able to forefoot strike and increase your cadence you can probably try more minimalistic shoes!

Contact Time

Contact time tracks for how long your foot touches the ground at each stride. According to experts, most ground contact times are between 160 — 300 milliseconds when running. Strive for a shorter ground contact time (GCT) to reduce risk of injury. Shorter contact time means more inflight time vs carrying the weight of your body with your legs. One of the best ways to decrease contact time is to increase cadence and forefoot strike.