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From Professional Athletes to New Runners...Sensoria is a Hit!

How Sensoria Works

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First, you download the app. Then, you put on the socks and connect the Sensoria® Core to the socket on your left or right sock. Once you pair Bluetooth® enabled Sensoria® Core with Sensoria® Run app on your phone and press ‘start’, you are ready to rock.

Markeith Price

Sensoria is a great product to purchase.

Coming from a professional runner, it helps to improve your running mechanics by telling you when you are in the correct and incorrect running positions.

If you are a serious runner, like me, I believe you would benefit from using Sensoria.

The technology is amazing.

Arien Cherones

I didn’t grow up playing sports so running didn’t come naturally to me but I was tired of being overweight and suffering from low energy.

Sensoria’s product told me I was running flat-footed and encouraged me, through its virtual coach, to be mindful of my foot strike.

I can say with complete certainty that Sensoria is a great product whether you are new to running and are looking for an alternative to an expensive running coach or if you just want to improve your running performance.

Robin Pomeroy

I have a Biomechanics background and know proper run form/mechanics and what proper loading pattern looks like.

However, it’s completely different when analyzing your own form and don’t have a run coach next to you every stride.

Sensoria’s Smart Running System has given me this run form coach I needed!

Start running the way you deserve.